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Imam Sudais Surah Mulk

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    • Quran PART 29 AL MULK (THE KINGSHIP) (Revealed at Mecca - contains 30 verses - 2 sections) Reciter: Imam Sudais Translation: [Mulk 67:1] Most Auspicious is He in Whose control is the entire kingship; and He is Able to do all things. [Mulk 67:2] The One Who created life and death to test you, who among you has the better deeds; and He only is the Most Honourable, the Oft Forgiving. [Mulk 67:3] The One Who created the seven heavens atop each other; do you see any discrepancy in the creation of the Most Gracious? Therefore lift your gaze -- do you see any cracks? [Mulk 67:4] Then lift your gaze again, your gaze will return towar...
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