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Quote: "A man will never fear something besides Allah unless it be due to a disease in his heart."
Scholar: Ibn Taymiyyah

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Quotes to remember

16. “The believer does not defame, abuse, disparage, nor vilify.” (al-Tirmidhi, sahih)

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16. "The best prayers for women are those performed in the most secluded parts of their houses." [Ibn Khuzaymah, Sahîh]

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The Locations during Prayer where the Hands should be raised

The Locations during Prayer where the Hands should be raised



What is the ruling on raising the hands in prayer, and when should it be done?

The hands should be raised at four points during the prayer: when making the opening Takbir, when bowing, when straightening up from bowing, and when standing up from the first Tashahhud. The raising of the hands should coincide with the start of the saying: Allaahu Akbar, he may also raise them and then say: Allaahu Akbar, or say: Allaahu Akbar and then raise them. As for the bowing, when he wants to go into the bowing, he should raise his hands, then bow and place his hands on his knees. When straightening up from bowing, he should lift his hands from his knees, raising them until he is standing straight, then place them on his chest. On rising from the first Tashahhud, he should raise them to the level of his shoulders, once he is standing, as he did when making the opening Takbir. He should not Raise his hands at any other point other than these four. As for the raising of the hands during the funeral prayer, it is prescribed in every Takbir.
Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-`Uthaymeen
Fatawa Islamiyah Vol. 2 Page 226


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