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12. "The best of your garments are those which are white; shroud your dead in them and clothe your living with them. The best of that which you apply to your eyelids is antimony causing the eyelashes to grow and sharpening the eyesight." [Ibn Hibbân, Sahîh]

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Missing Witr Prayer



What is the commandment regarding one who misses Witr
prayer, intentionally or forgetfully?

The ruling is the same as for obligatory prayer-. one who
has an excuse can make up for it; one with no excuse
cannot make up for it. Hence, one who misses it
intentionally has no way of making up for it, just like
obligatory prayer, whereas one who forgot or fell asleep
until after the adhaan for Fajr can pray it either before
the sunnahs of Fajr if there is time, otherwise after the
sun has risen above the horizon appreciably.


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